SEO Training Workshop 2015 in Pune by Technnovation Labs


Highlights of Seo workshop & Training :-
– It’s a promotional education series offered by Technnovation Labs (Pune)

About SEO and SEO in India.
– Search Engine Optimisation is a growth area among the IT industry.
– seo growth is like the early 2000s growth of the IT industry in India.
– SEO is used to increase the search engine rankings of a website so that they show on top of the 1st page in any search results.
– This is important as people only click the top 5 search results on sites like Google & Bing.
– Although to get into the SEO industry you have to first join a SEO firm as a trainee with little to no pay and after 6 months or so you get a regular pay.
– The way to circumvent is to get SEO training from institutes such as Technnovation Labs and get placed by the institute.
– As the industry is poised to grow for another decade or so, there is a long way to go and by the end of it, you would be one rich professional.

Dates of Workshops :-
17th JAnuary -to- 30th April 2015

(3 months & 3 days)

9am -to- 9pm.

Address :-

418, 4th floor, Nandlal Hsc Soc, Munjaba Lane, Narayan Peth, Pune – 411030



Call for any inquiries .:-
+91 8149046285

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