EFT Level 1 & 2 Training with Neela Gohil at Bangalore


Type of Event:
Health Seminar Event & Workshop
Date of Event:
20 -to- 22 sept 2013
9am -to- 6.30 pm
Address / Venue of Event:
The Infantry Hotel
66, Infantry Road, Shivaji Nagar, Bangalore 560001
Bangalore, Karnataka 560001
See details here: http://www.theinfantryhotel.com/location.php
About this Event:
– Learn Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) with Coach, Holistic Healer as well as EFT Trainer Neela Gohil.
– Have you ever felt upset or distressed and wished you could do something about it? EFT is a tapping technique clinically proven to lower stress, anxiety, tension, depression, physical tension, fears, limitations and blocks.
– EFT is a simple yet amazingly powerful technique which everyone can learn and use. It can create long-lasting transformations within minutes and is amazingly cathartic.
– Training can be as a part of a personal development/ self healing program or to become qualified as a Practitioner and earn a living by making a difference to other people’s lives.

Ask yourself…
1. Do I wake up and feel excited about my day?
2. Am I able to handle stress?
3. Do I appreciate myself and have self-belief?
4. Am I able to let go of past emotional upsets?
5. Can I easily avoid cravings?
6. Do I have positive energy and enthusiasm for life?
7. Can I achieve the goals I set myself?
8. Do I look forward to my future?
9. Can I easily handle anger, sadness, fear, hurt and guilt?
10. Am I able to stand in my power and say yes to life and living?

If the answer to any of the above is NO..continue reading…as you can turn them into….YES!
Event High-Lights:
What would your life be like if you felt free from your emotional hooks and woke up in the morning excited and able to handle any situation with an attitude that easily lets go of upsets, unwanted cravings and pain creating a positive outlook, energy and vitality.

3 days Training on EFT for health, happiness and vitality

On the 3 day Intensive course where you will learn how to:

• Reduce stress, physical tension/pain as well as cravings
• Get to the root cause of negativity, negative emotions and situations
• Clear negative events, past hurts, fears and limitations
• Shift limiting beliefs to move towards what you want
• Work with adults and children on real life issues

On successful completion of the 3 days, multiple choice test as well as case studies, the Globally Approved Practitioner certificate with Vitality Living College is awarded. I have been personally trained by International trainer Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (PhD), founder of Vitality Living College, and the only Master trainer of EFT in India.
Training cost and other details:
– The training will be provided by Neela Gohil. She is a Coach, Holistic Healer as well as EFT Trainer of Vitality Living College.
– Neela is a Reiki Master, ICF Accredited Coach, NLP Practitioner, EFT & Matrix Re-imprinting Practitioner & Facilitator and Accredited Journey Practitioner. She has been trained by Brandon Bays (The founder of The Journey) and Dr Rangana Rupavi Choudhuri (Vitality Living College).

EFT training full price Rs 16,500 and includes:

• 3 days training with Vitality Living College EFT Trainer Neela Gohil
• Over 150 pages of EFT Level 1 & 2 Manual including Training Slides as well as Reference Manual
• In class practice sessions as well as live demonstrations during the training
• All lunches and refreshments
• Course attendance certificate
• Free Membership of Vitality Living College Alumni with invitations to on-going re-unions and swap groups
• On-line access to tapping sequences, audio programs and videos
• Complimentary Membership of facebook EFT support group with the ability to get facebook mentoring
• For those who want to become a Practitioner full review of case studies

For those who book before 14th September can avail the Special offer Early bird discount of Rs 14,500.
Other Notes :
All the training courses are highly interactive with live demonstrations, practice sessions and experiential learning that means each person will leave knowing the technique inside out being able to use with ease and confidence the very next day.
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Contact Person:
Neela Gohil
Contact Number:
91 989 230 2132
Event Organised By :
Neela Gohil

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